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When contacting HRA please consider the following.

- Those running HRA are all volunteers, and do have other responsibilities (families and/or jobs).

- We are located in Sydney's north west, and operate mainly in that area and surrounds. For those outside this area (or with an issue related to outside this area), please contact an organisation that might be better placed to assist. You can find a list of them on our Rescue Groups page.

- We deal with horses (including ponies) only.

- We do not have the same authority as the RSPCA, AWL, or Police to seize horses, dictate actions by horse owners, fine owners, etc. We work with the authorities by offering a place for horses to come and be cared for in preparation for a new, caring, permanent home.

- If you know of, and want to report a horse or horses in urgent need then please contact the RSCPA, AWL or police. They are able to do more legally, and therefore immediately; if the information comes to us first, then we need to contact them to pass on the information second hand.  This could waste time for the horse(s). You can find some contact details for those bodies on our Reporting Horses in Need page.

- Our phone service (8250 1442) is checked weekly by a volunteer however contacting HRA via the form on the CONTACT page will lead to a more immediate response.