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Horses In Rehab
Meet the horses currently being rehabilitated by HRA. These are horses who have suffered neglect and require fattening up, having badly neglected hooves treated, ongoing medical treatment for skin conditions, injuries or illnesses, etc. They may also be horses that have suffered abuse and require not only physical help but emotional support and retraining to learn to trust humans again. This is often a long term process which can take many months and sometimes even years. Please consider supporting one or more of these horses through sponsorship.


These are horses that have completed their rehab and are ready to find new caring forever homes. Not all horses can be ridden so if you are looking for a riding horse please check the horse's profile before enquiring. You will also find any relevant medical history.

Meet some of the horses lucky enough to have been adopted. Read their stories from rescue through to loving new homes and find out what they're up to today. We love receiving updates from new owners to share with our supporters, so if you are lucky enough to have a HR horse or pony please send us the latest chapter in their stories, with recent photos.

Sometimes the abuse and neglect that rescue horses have suffered has long term consequences. These can affect the horse's quality of life to a point where it would be inhumane not to end their suffering. Other times we have continued to care for a horse into old age and they are no longer coping with day to day life. Here you will find their histories and small memorials for those horses who have passed on.

Outside Horses Needing Homes

These are horses that members of the public wish to rehome. We offer this free advertising as a means of helping horses find new loving homes.