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...first came to HRA in 2009 as a foal with her mother Dora. She has had two adoption homes since then, the latest with a lady whose husband passed away and she was no longer able to care for Poppet or her friend Missy. They arrived 28/10/17.

Poppet is quiet, friendly and easy to handle.

Like many miniature and small ponies Poppet has a tendency to put on far too much weight, which in turn has caused her to founder in the past. She has been on a diet at HRA and had some rehab work done on her feet. They are currently good and should remain so if her new owner is strict about her diet and has regular  hoof trims done.

UPDATE: Poppet and her friend Izzie were adopted 31/3/18 by Philippa into a very horsey family who will ensure they don't put on too much weight and risk foundering again.