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Chance arrived in June 2018 as a 14yr old, who was broken in in October 2014 but had no work since. We're told with the right person, he is easy to catch, trim, worm and has great feet. His owner never had an issue catching him & doing the basics. He is apparently very wary of men until he gets to know them, can spook easily and sometimes pulls when tied. He also doesn't push on fences and has never been rugged. With consistent kind handling he accepts & learns quickly. His owner did a lot of ground work with him, using mostly the Steve Brady method.

Update Oct 2018 Chance has proved to be a shy boy with a nice personality.  Our trainer has been working with him.  He is now out with the herd and doing well.

Chance looking much better than when he arrived!

Chance needed some fattening up.

Enjoying his new surrounds