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Missy arrived at HRA 28/10/17 along with another pony. She belonged to a lady whose husband died and she was no longer able to care for them.

Missy is really friendly, easy to handle and will make a great kids pony. She has not had much training at HRA, but her assessment showed us she is broken in, smart, quiet and has a bit of experience under saddle (although to what extent we don’t know). She didn’t worry about us saddling her, long reining her, or having a rider on her and she did really well. She is a rarity that we don’t often get in rescue – a reliable, friendly, child’s pony and worth her weight in gold. She needs more work, but we are confident that she is well enough behaved and would adore having a small child to look after her.

Due to being overweight Missy has foundered in the past, but her feet issues are now under control with regular trimming and a controlled diet. This should remain so if her new owner is vigilant about her weight and has regular trims done.