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This handsome lad is Colton, racing name Big Colton, appropriate as he's a whopping 17 hands. He raced in the bush, placing on 1 occasion, then was retired. He was rehomed by his trainer but unfortunately the drought caused his new owner to seek assistance and he was surrendered to Horse Rescue. He is putting on weight and has joined forces with 2 of our older thoroughbred lads, Red and Cruze.

1st August, the official birthday of Australian racehorses. Who better to be our August Horse of the Month than this magnificent ex-racehorse. He is still in his prime, at only 8 years old, and has shown real potential under saddle. He is available for adoption and would suit an experienced rider looking for a kind, willing, horse with a long, smooth, stride. In the meantime, our Colton needs feeding (and lots of it!!), pedicuring, worming and training and is looking for sponsorship and/or donations. If you would like to contribute towards Colton’s upkeep and training or to help him find his forever home, please go to either our Sponsorship or Adoption pages.

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