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Lexi arrived on 4 June 2017.  Initially she was difficult to handle and had trouble lifting her feet, however we did manage to get her feet trimmed the following week.  She has little muscle in her neck and hind legs, making her weaker than she ought to be.  She is around 11 years old and it is doubtful if she will ever be a riding horse.

Update 25/8/17 Lexi has now had her feet trimmed again. She is very malnourished, with a poorly developed hind end, but is putting on some much needed weight. She has scar tissue in her neck due to unknown reasons, which does not seem to bother her. She has a sweet nature, but has trouble learning. This is possibly due to her malnourished state or other underlying issues, possibly related to earlier experiences with people. She is very difficult to catch and handle. We are hoping that with good nutrition and dental care, coupled with kind handling she will improve both physically and mentally and go on to find a loving new home.

Update 28/10/17 Since arriving at HRA Lexi has been a difficult horse to handle and work with, let alone safely. Due to possibly bad prior handling/treatment or unknown pain, she has been known to barge over the top of people and strike out with her front legs.

We have been paying both our bare foot trimmer and our trainer to help gain her trust and work with her to accept being caught and she is now far more willing. She is slowly learning to lead respectfully and not strike out. She is also starting to learn to work with our trimmer to get her feet trimmed in a manner safe for her and her handlers. Worming Lexi was another thing that proved terrifying for her, so our trainer has been working with apple sauce so Lexi can hopefully become used to this necessary evil.

Lexi has clearly had some horrifying experiences with people. She has some nasty scar tissue on her neck which we now suspect is the result of choking her to the ground at some stage in her past. She is worse to handle on the left hand side than the right and she is terrified of the whip. If pushed she will go into fight mode, which suggests she has had the option of flight taken from her.

Lexi's road will be a long and difficult one for all concerned, but most of all for Lexi herself. We will continue to do what we can to regain some level of trust in humans and help her along so she can be safely handled. At this stage it is highly unlikely Lexi will be rehomable in anything but the distant future, but time does heal wounds so we are hopeful her future will become brighter. Regardless she has a home with HRA for as long as she needs it.

26/2/18 Lexi is coming along nicely and surprising us with how brave she has become. She is such a sweetheart but prior handling has thwarted her progress. Lexi very deservedly has 3 sponsors now and one of them, Caroline, came out to spend time with her recently. She was on her best behaviour and actually enjoyed being pampered. We are very proud of our girl. Her future is looking brighter all the time.