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Lexi arrived on 4 June 2017.  Initially she was difficult to handle and had trouble lifting her feet.  We did manage to get her feet trimmed the following week.  She has little muscle in her neck and hind legs, making her weaker than she ought to be.  She is around 11 years old and it is doubtful if she will ever be a riding horse.

Update 25/8/17 Lexi has now had her feet trimmed again. She is very malnourished, with a poorly developed hind end, but is putting on some much needed weight. She has scar tissue in her neck due to unknown reasons, which does not seem to bother her. She has a sweet nature, but has trouble learning. This is possibly due to her malnourished state or other underlying issues, possibly related to earlier experiences with people. She is very difficult to catch and handle. We are hoping that with good nutrition and dental care, coupled with kind handling she will improve both physically and mentally and go on to find a loving new home.