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Winter Appeal

Helping horses across australiawinter appeal

Did you know Horse Rescue Australia receives no government funds or grants whatsoever? The good health of our herd relies completely on donations from you, our amazing supporters. Many of our horses are elderly, previously malnourished or have suffered trauma before arriving at our sanctuary and require special attention and/or a customised diet. Winter is especially hard when the weather is cold and paddock grass is limited and they need a whole lot more calories to keep them at a healthy weight to support their overall wellness.

Here’s where your dollars go…

  • $15 feeds one horse their breakfast and dinner for one day
  • $300 provides the whole herd with two feeds for one day
  • $9,000 feeds all our horses for one month.
Rest assured, every single donated dollar goes towards feeding and caring for our rescue horses. We are run entirely by volunteers and pay no fancy salaries. Any donation over $2.00 is tax deductible, so there is only an upside to donating to a charity close to tax time. Take control, reduce your tax and move positively into the next financial year knowing you have made a difference in a rescue horse’s life. Thank you for your support.

you can make a difference

Your donation helps to support the care and rehabilitation of horses.

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