One of HRA’s primary purposes is to find the horses that come into our care stable, caring homes with members of the public. We assess each horse’s needs and match them with a home with a suitable level of experience. The horses we take into care have been abused, neglected or abandoned and because of that most are unsuitable for beginners. Each horse’s profile will note what level of experience is required for that horse.

Once any necessary rehabilitation has occurred, HRA horses are offered for placement into caring adoption homes. Our horses go out to homes vaccinated, wormed, feet and teeth done, and ready to be loved. We make sure that prospective adoptive homes know of any emotional or physical problems that the horse may have, in order to ensure that the adoption has the best possible chance of being successful. Some of our horses can be ridden and others cannot (but make great mates for your equine friends at home). Riding horses are matched to the most appropriate home where the riding experience of the new owner is suitable for the horse.

There is a fee for adopting a HRA horse. This fee covers some of the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for the horse. The adoption fee for each horse is calculated on an individual basis. If you are interested in any of the horses please contact us using the form below.

While all HRA horses are potential adoptees, some have very specific requirements regarding what sort of home they go to. These horses will remain with us longer term or perhaps for life, unless a suitable adoptor approaches us and is approved. All horses are assessed by members of HRA’s governing committee with horse knowledge and/or by external horse experts. Adoptors must remain members of HRA whilst they own an HRA horse and can return the horse to us at any time  if they are no longer able to keep it. This ensures HRA can guarantee the horse’s safety for life.

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