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Whilst we are always happy to receive donations to help care for the horses and run the organisation, HRA runs three specific appeals annually to cover various special costs.

Winter Appeal began in 2016. It’s where we ask that you donate just $5 to cover the cost of one horse’s breakfast.

Winter is a time when growth slows in our paddocks and all the horses require supplementary feeding on a daily basis. We tailor each horse’s diet to suit their requirements. Some of our smaller ponies have a tendency to put on a little too much podge, so require a lower sugar diet. Some of our older horses have poor dentition so need softer food, or higher calories to keep them in good shape. To cover everyone’s needs we must purchase a variety of feeds and mix and match accordingly. There is no one size fits all approach! Our Winter appeal helps cover the cost of buying feed, as well as other dietary supplements the horses may need.

Christmas Appeal was launched in 2017 and is specifically to raise funds for a special project.

Our inaugural appeal raised sufficient money to build two new shelters, but sadly we had to move before we were able to erect them. Unfortunately the new property is very hilly so it is quite difficult to erect shelters on; luckily it has plenty more trees for shelter. We are looking into using the funds raised to re-erect the existing shelters from Ebenezer and possibly using the existing post and rail fencing from our old arena at Freeman’s Reach to fence in the sand arena.


Melbourne Cup Appeal

The running of the Melbourne Cup is when the public’s thoughts turn to racehorses. We found that people wanted to contribute to rescue at this time, to make a difference to the lives of horses bred to race, who may have been too slow or may have completed their racing career, but have fallen on hard times.

About half the horses we take in were originally bred for the racing industry, mostly Thoroughbreds for the galloping races, but also a lesser number of Standardbreds for the trotting and pacing races. 2017 saw us formalise our fund raising efforts at this time of year, to help us care for and rehome these most deserving and often forgotten equines.


Appeal dates for 2019:

  • 14th-30th June – Winter appeal
  • 5th-12th Nov – Melbourne Cup appeal
  • 11th-25th Dec – Christmas appeal