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You can help the horses by raising funds at your school, workplace, club, market stall, shop, business and so on. Bake and sell cupcakes, hold raffles, donate a percentage of business takings - it all helps!

For more information, such as requesting brochures, donation tins and getting the funds to HRA, please contact us using the detail on our Contact page.

We appreciate the time and effort put towards doing this. Thank you.


Set up your own "CrowdRaising" page at GiveNow

It only takes about 5 minutes to set up your own fundraising page on the GiveNow website. Click on the link, choose "+Create CrowdRaiser" (down the right hand side of the page), fill in your details, choose Horse Rescue Australia "Care for Horses" as your "cause", decide how much you want to raise, make it pretty with photos and video (feel free to use any photos or video off this website or our FB page) and get your friends and family onboard!

You can choose to fundraise individually or as a team with friends. You can choose an event you're doing like a fun run or ask for donations instead of birthday presents. You can even choose this as a memorial to a lost loved one who loved horses.