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There are always things that are needed to keep the property shipshape and the horses looking their best. Please consider purchasing one of these items to donate in person at one of our volunteer days or click on the link to buy online (where available) using our address as the shipping address 220 Crooked Lane, North Richmond, NSW 2754.


We use these manure rakes to clean up the paddocks, which keeps the place looking nice and helps keep the horse worm load low.

Available from Sydney Equestrian Supplies

Lot 5, Post Office Road,

Ebenezer NSW 2756

Phone 02 4579 9265

We need 2 more Millenia Rakes brand rakes @ approx. $70 each




These blue tubs are plastic 44 gallon drums cut in half. They make good water troughs for the horses to drink from.

Available from Sydney Equestrian Supplies Lot 5 Post Office Rd, Ebenezer NSW 2756

Phone 02 4579 9265

We need another 4 of these @ $? each




Another important tool for keeping the paddocks clean.

Available from Bunnings

Sherlock brand 100 litre Trade Tough Premium Poly tray Wheelbarrow

We need 2 more of these wheelbarrows @ $249 each





We use these tubs to feed the horses. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Available from Horseland, Bunnings and many other places. They must be the FLEXIBLE RUBBERY type ones to be safe for the horses. We need a couple of small ones for the ponies @ $5 – $15 each and a couple of medium to large for the horses @ $10 – $20 each.

TUB TRUGS is a good brand (available in person at Horseland).




In date Equivac 2 in 1 (tetanus/strangles) vaccines. (IMPORTANT – These MUST be kept cold whilst in transit and stored in the fridge. Best to take a small Esky or cooler bag to purchase. Not available to buy online.) Available from Horseland and many other horse supplies stores. We need about 15 of these vaccines @ $43 each



In date Equest Plus Tape worming tubes. Available at Horseland and many other horse supplies stores.
We need about 15 of these wormers @ $23 each.




Electric braided wire for temporary fencing or to keep horses safe from star pickets and wire.

Available from any produce store in various thicknesses and lengths. 5mm thickness available in 200 metres $95/roll and 400 metres $165/roll.

800 metres needed.



Medium to large sized fridge in clean, good working condition. This is needed for storage of vaccines and medicines for the horses + cold drinks for our hard working volunteers. Please email us a couple of photos of the inside and out so we can make sure it will suit our needs prior to delivery or pick up.