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Prepare your Horse for Bushfire

Put out by the NSW Rural Fire Services this informative article will give you the information needed to prepare yourself to deal with bushfires with your horses.

Caring for Older Horses in Winter 

by David Nash of Hygain Feeds

(Reprinted with the kind permission of Living Legends)

Q: Firstly, I’m not looking for a senior’s card for my horse — but what constitutes a geriatric these days?

Senior horses are generally defined as those whom are older than 15 years. However you must judge your horse individually to assess whether they have special requirements.

Safety alert – rescuing horses – Hendra Virus Risk

Issued by NSW Department of Primary Industry

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by Sarah Robinson, Regional Animal Health Leader, Animal and Plant Biosecurity, Wagga Wagga

(Reprinted with the kind permission of Equine News and the NSW Department of Primary Industries)

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Laminitis Fact Sheet

(Reprinted with the kind permission of Living Legends)

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Dentistry for Older Horses

by Dr Oliver Liyou, BVSc (Hons) MACVSc, Equine Veterinary Dental Services, Grafton NSW

(Published in Australian Stock Horse Journal September-October 2005)

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